Skating in borderland – Sweden/Norway

Lake Norra Kornsjön is situated on both sides of the borderline Sweden/Norway. Here you skate on long fjord like bays in a jumble of islands with lots of narrow straits between them.  You find yourself in a landscape which alternates both in nature and culture.

Birgitta i första viken Nerfryst boj

Bäverhydda Björkbäver Utmed bergen Tallen Fin Norgegård B solnedgång

The tour went over super shiny ice both in Sweden and Norway. We have visited the beaver country. It is fascinating to see how big trees they can cut down with their large rodent teeth. This winterday they were safely resting in their intelligently built beaver hut.

In the evening snow covered the lake. Two days later it had melted down which gave us wonderful skating conditions again!


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